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Our Services

We approach pool building like an art form. Right from the design stage, we undertake in-depth planning and surveys. Our designs are formulated keeping in mind potential factors such as shape of the plot, landscape &terrain. After meticulous planning, we then build a truly customized product that caters to your exact needs.

Our team will help you understand the process from start to finish including:

  • A free design consultation including a review of your ideas and needs
  • Analysis of your yard for best use
  • Visualization of your ideas will be provided with interactive 3-D designs. We are keen to establish rapport with our clients to be able to know better what they want when it comes to their pool ideas.
  • Samples of different 3D pool designs are readily available in our pool design library to give our clients more options to choose from an array of unique, contemporary designs

Some people may find swimming pool maintenance an easy task, so that they prefer to look after their pool by themselves. However,more often than not, it entails tedious tasks. A swimming pool system consist of electro-mechanicals that need to be looked after (i.e, pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, skimmers, etc.) and failure to recognize symptoms of breakdowns in any of these electro-mechanicals will only result to greater damages, thus, costing you more. And let’s not forget, there are certain water parameters in which standards were already set by the industry authorities to ensure that the pool is safe to swim in, unless met, your pool can be unsafe to use

Pools R Us has a team of technicians trained to do maintenance and repairs. Each client’s swimming pool will have a dedicated pool technician who will visit twice a week to clean by skimming leaves or any undesirable elements in the pool, brushing and chemical balancing to make your pools best pools.

The chlorine and PH levels of the pool water are also checked on each visit to ensure that the pool water parameters are regulated to the safest levels according to international and national safety standards. Our team of pool mechanics are professionally equipped to diagnose electro-mechanical faults and breakages to make sure that the whole swimming pool system is working at its best to continuously provide you with the relaxation and fun you need!

Ask us today about your pool to make it best pool:

  • Water and PH level maintenance
  • Pool cleaning & water chemical balancing
  • Filter and pool equipment maintenance
  • Pool equipment repairs
  • Re-plastering / Refurbishing/ Retiling
  • Leak Detection and Rectification

In addition to the Chlorine and pH level tests conducted on each visit to your villa, we also carry out the following tests:

Water Analysis – every two to three months for a pool with a good running system, a water analysis is carried out to check the most essential water parameters with which the pool water and equipment’s conditions depend on. Other water parameters that we check are the following:

  • 1 Total Alkalinity.
  • 2 Cyanuric Acid.
  • 3 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).
  • 4 Calcium Hardness.
  • 5 Phosphate.

Microbiological Test – recommended every 6 months as per the standards of the industry authorities such as the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) and Swimming Pool and Allied Traders Association (SPATA UK), (of which we are a proud member), and the Dubai Municipality

That’s not all! We have customers who, instead of the conventional and most common Chlorine sanitization system, use non-chlorine (Aquabrite System). For this type of system, we check and maintain the same parameters, with the exception of Chlorine of course, we check the copper levels and make sure that it’s within the proper range. A rising number of our customers have adapted and preferred the Salt system which is as much effective as the first two, and considerably safe & economical.


In the most recent years, we have experienced a wave of pool owners coming to us with the same complaint: Pool leakage! Now that’s every pool owner’s nightmare. It is disastrous to see your pool water level getting lower everyday and having to refill it everytime. But what is more terrible is getting a high water bill at the end of the month and continue to do so. Call us today and let us take care of it for you!

The costs for rectification works isn’t a joke! That’s why at Pools R Us, we want to make sure that these kinds of complaints aren’t just a hunch or a result of some breakdown of pool electro-mechanics. Your pool will be under observation for a couple of days to enable us to calculate the daily pool water loss, with this, we will be able to confirm the presence of leak in your pool or if it is just mere evaporation. A Pressure Test will be carried out to determine the exact point of leakage in the pipes and plumbing system of the pool. If the leak is found in the structure, major rectification works to get to the bottom of the problem will be recommended to you.

Pools are meant to be watertight but sealants will deteriorate while other parts of your pool shift and settle or just plain wear out after a certain period of time. Pools can leak through any of the fittings or accessories, plumbing, or even right through the structure as a result of construction error. It is important to repair leaks, not only to save water, heat, and chemicals, but also to prevent undermining pool structural components.

We approach pool building like an art form. Right from the design stage, we undertake in-depth planning and surveys. Our designs are formulated keeping in mind potential factors such as shape of the plot, landscape & terrain. After meticulous planning, we then build a truly customized product that caters to your exact needs.

  • Re-tiling of complete pool
  • Replacing your deck with the latest stone or concrete design.
  • Update old pool lights with the newest colored LED lights.
  • Installing a high-end sound system to give you that theater feel.

Fencing is an absolute essential for any property having a pool, not only do they ensure that pets are kept out and that the children don’t swim unsupervised, they also add style and dimensionality to any outdoor space. Local regulations stipulate that fencing is a must and should have a specific height amongst other characteristics. We can help ensure that your fences meet these requirements and standards.

Our products are made to ensure an added level of security to your pool area, the notion behind the frameless glass fence is to prevent accidents, mainly involving children from access to the pool area and for a clear view.

Swimming pool design and building, we approach to envy small and bog projects as an art for us, from the very scratch we make a keen look and many surveys to every tiny details possible to save our reputation and client’s troubles in future. After we find everything alright and good to go we then move to our planning and execution to build the exactly and truly customized product/project that matches to your exact need.

Our team is willing to help you with the procedure from scratch to finishing part as follow:

– Free visit and consultation upon your ideas and needs
– A 2d/3d design will presented to visualize the final product upon your request
– Provide few samples and ideas as needed
– Taking care of all the government approvals and how to follow up with them (can be included in our proposal)
– Work schedule program will be represented to help you understand each and every step of the procedure/construction
Swimming pool types:

1. Overflow pool:

In this type of pool water level is the same as the top deck level. Around the pool perimeter there is a channel in which the water drains into a creating a visual master piece. It looks like a big mirror in your backyard.

2. Skimmer type:

The free board swimming pool also widely known as skimmer pool has been one of the most frequently built swimming pool. Mostly people like It due to its flexible designs, easy maintenance and cost effectiveness. In this type of pool the water level usually regulated around six inches from top level.

3. Infinity pool:

Also known as negative edge, zero edge, disappearing edge or vanishing edge. It is famous for its visual effects which gives a look as water is vanishing into its horizon and mostly its seen in luxurious hotels, exotic resorts, exclusive estates. The infinity pool is said to have originated in Bali, Indonesia. Where its inspiration came directly from observing the dramatic effects created by the ubiquitous terraced rice paddies. Known locally as “SAWAH” for which the island is famous.

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